Taboo Creampies 2


I can’t believe I fucked my uncle! And he came inside me!

Mia Li: WOW! You’re My Uncle!
My mother always told me “When you get to America have a GI get you pregnant.” When I met an older GI that turned me on I decided to follow my mother’s advice. We ended up in the bedroom and I rocked GI boy’s socks off until he exploded inside me. A few months passed and GI boy was so enamored with me he moved me into his place. I discovered a picture of my father with my man. When I confronted him about it I was shocked to discover he was my step-dad’s brother. Now I’m having my uncle’s baby!!!
Giaoni Whiley: Daddy Made Me A Mommy!
Dear Diary: I’ve been dreaming about what it would be like to get pregnant. I went to Dad’s office and told him about my feelings which shocked him. I reminded him about things that had happened between fathers and daughters in the bible and his resistance began to crumble. Soon I had his cock in my mouth. I assured him I had a pill to take in the morning. His big cock throbbed in acceptance as I slowly impaled myself and he filled me with his seed. I hope daddy believes the pill story a few more times.
Viona Merci: Help Me Make A Baby Daddy!
Dear Diary: Last weekend Mommie was gone and DAddy came in late from the bar and passed out. I got on my knees and unded his pants slowly. His got so hard in my mouth I lost control, stripped off my clothes and straddled Daddy. I slid his cock in my pussy and Daddy smiled groggily. I rode him slowly, building up speed to my first orgasm. It was then that I realized Daddy came inside me. In his stupor he must have thought I was mom, hopefully I wasn’t ovulating. Wish Me Luck Vionah.

Date: October 3, 2017

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